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Bonnie Greer's

Stories to Read Aloud competition.

Muddy Love... is a wickedly funny, black comedy! It's not easy being a kid these days, all that stuff about fitting in, standing out and romance. R-O-M-A-N-C-E! Everyone cool seems to have a boo, but thirteen-year-old Ignatius punches way above his weight! He's convinced his destiny lies in the arms of his Kardashian-esque teacher, and not those of slightly 'off-key' Veronica who does her utmost to get his attention! Karma intervenes when the trap he sets for Veronica explodes in his face!

Kingston University's Chancellor - award-winning American playwright, critic and media commentator Bonnie Greer OBE

"This story grabbed me from the very start," Ms Greer said. "It started off feeling right at the beginning and the energy never let up. In a short story, you ask people for their attention and then you've got to earn it. This story earns it. I envied both the tale and writer - it is a very brave piece of work."

Novelist, short story writer and freelance journalist - Lizzie Enfield

First prize went to the wholly deserving Michele Henningham for her story Muddy Love, which Bonnie Greer said, ''succeeded best in embodying the ethos of the competition with its singular, startling voice that spoke directly to the audience and electrified the senses.''

Kingston Writer in Residence - Alan McCormick

"The competition asked for stories that worked beyond the page and spoke to an audience," Mr McCormick said. "This type of story requires a special energy, a unique and authentic voice to communicate and move people in a live setting, and Michele's story, Muddy Love, possesses and inhabits this energy."

Director of Kingston Writing School – Dr. David Rogers

"Michele's story was packed with hip, young, south London vernacular - I have to confess I was quite surprised when I found out it had been written by a woman," Dr Rogers said. "I could tell when reading it that it had the potential to be remarkable - it would all depend on how it came across and Michele did a fantastic job."

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"Then like a bleedin' goddess... me very own Kardashian appears at the top of the coach steps and I see dem bad boys.

'Phwoarrr,' I whisper, watchin' her come dahn.

I close me eyes picturin' her in me arms. I open 'em. She's right there.

I swallow. I've no spit.

A million Red Admirals are creatin' havoc in me tummy.

Miss hoiks the loops and struts over."