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A west London poker donkey on a mission of redemption against a Canario kingpin

Feature - 100 min

Genre - Crime/Thriller


U N S C R U P U L O U S    P I G S

‘Does a great job of setting up a suspenseful story with high stakes. It opens with an immediate and clear problem, Biscuit has been taken, and she is in genuine danger. There is great use of the ticking clock that has the audience scrabbling alongside Ignatius as he desperately tried to hunt down his old comrades and rescue the girl. The final few scenes are especially powerful as they rapidly count down every hour that passes, and we feel the deadline creeping in. Beginning to end we are on the edge of our seats, wondering if he will make it on time.’

‘There is a strong sense of atmosphere that helps bring the story and characters to life. The way the characters talk, the names and descriptions of the locations, and the authentic feel of the boxers all contribute to building a solid world in a short amount of time.'