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A heart-breaking story rooted in poverty. Sheer desperation forces a young mother to do the unthinkable. Against her better judgement, she takes a chance believing that faith will see her through. But fate dictates and things soon take a horrible turn for the worst.

What would you do if nothing was all you had?

imagesIG87AYQB 5 stars



The Darkest Truth, 19 Jan. 2013

By May McQueen

This review is from the Yellowest Orange:

'If you ever wish to stray from the conventional drama that the majority of stories have to offer, instead of immersing yourself in real life horrors and disturbing thoughts of plausible monsters, then turn to S.Foxe to unnerve you. She digs into the human design and unearths the potential evils within us. Then she presents it to you in ways you cannot help but understand. Hers is a brand of horror that takes you closer to the truth than we rarely ever are.

The Yellowest Orange focuses on a mother who is forced into a life of crime, but she endures the pain and suffering for the sake of her children. The story allows you to realize for yourself the tragedies that befalls her family, and the effect is reeling once you see all they go through. Nothing is force fed; once you realize what you're eating, you feel sick, and that is what makes this piece of writing so powerful, so worth the read.

If ghosts and demons have failed to scare you in the past, S.Foxe's monsters will, and will continue to haunt you long after you've finished the story.'


imagesIG87AYQB 5 stars




raw and engaging, 3 February 2013

By cumquat

'S.Foxe writes with a clear, unique, and gripping voice.

Find yourself dragged along on a fast-paced journey into a dirty and real world from which there is little hope of escape from those that care to even try. Not a word wasted. Yellowest Orange packs a heavyweight blow to knock your own complacent stuffing out.'

NB: S.Foxe - Pen.





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41Eywn7qtpL._UY250_ soullessLate one night, Imani takes a gamble and opens a door that changes her life forever. She fights for survival against overwhelming odds after the deadly mistake. The man of her dreams turns her life into a living nightmare! What would you do?

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Disturbing, 4 September 2012

By Cumquat

'Soulless is a fast-paced, gritty short story that will leave you feeling dirty. Forget 'the Red Room' - Mani's world is much more convincing, real , and ultimately painful. A concise and well written short story by S.Foxe.'

imagesIG87AYQB 5 stars




Engagingly dark, 5 September 2012

By Akin. O

'Deep, dark and extremely engaging from the start. The attention to detail is astounding and brings the words to life.

Great work S.Foxe, look forward to reading more from you soon.'

imagesIG87AYQB 5 stars



Gritty and Great, 1 November 2012

By Geoffrey West

'An extraordinarily hard-hitting read, packed with menace and earthy emotion. You are instantly on the heroine's wavelength, feeling her fear, sensing her dread and knowing her pain until the final shocking denouement. A writer who definitely packs a sexy, dangerous punch. Don't read it late at night, and definitely don't read it when you're alone.'


NB: S. Foxe =  Pen