10,000 hours…

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Venus: Wouldn't you want to meet 'The One' someday?

sexy woman isolated vector symbol, beautiful body concept



The Great Rocco: Never underestimate the power of magic!

magical white light behind the wooden door at midnight



Blackballed: Variety is the spice of life until you find yourself in over your head!

Pool Billiards Ball in Fire. Computer Graphics.


Soulless: Could opening a door be the biggest mistake ever?

Jealousy 2015

White Glory: This is what happens when you're seduced by the wrong lover.

White powder on a black background

Patch: The perils of a misunderstood little boy.


Needles: Revenge is not sweet, it's bloody!

closeup of a word of death tablets pills capsules and syringe ** Note: Soft Focus at 100%, best at smaller sizes

Yellowest Orange: A poor mother faces a harrowing ordeal. What would you do?

Map with drugs. Possible illustration for aids diabetes depression and some other diseases.

Coming soon...

The Chamber, Freedom, Insane Reality, Spooked, Drunkface, P.I.G, Strawberry Sunset, Supermoon, Deja Brew, Red Mountain, A Special Day, Karmic Stew, '86', and many more...