Script Reader: Calling New & Aspirational Writers

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Calling  New & Aspirational Writers!

I’ve been working as a teacher, author, reader, and writer for over twenty years. In my opinion, writing at any level is about having the edge! The stories that I’ve enjoyed the most have a palpable heart, jump off the page, and demand your attention.

Over the past nine years, I’ve facilitated a short story workshop for passionate and successful writers. Collectively, we have created a range of intriguing stories through giving and receiving feedback. This is essential if you want to improve your work in order to submit to contests or publish.

Whether it’s a passion or professional endeavour, we all need an objective eye on our work. Therefore, getting constructive notes to develop your manuscript and stand out from the crowd is the best investment you can make. I’ve often benefitted from buying notes on my short stories and screenplays, which has helped me win/place in contests, etc. You can too!

I accept short stories and screenplays (all lengths) across all genres. I can even help mentor you as you adapt your novel into a screenplay!

Let’s do it!

Please contact me to discuss your requirements.