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Here are 10 things I wish I’d known before I started writing…

1.            Writing is hard… hard… and erm… hard! Make no bones about it, it’s a HARD road to travel for all sorts of reasons! The brain gets tired, you’ve got to work and can’t always summon the muse.

2.            Feedback – Seeking constructive feedback from industry professionals can be costly but worth it!  This is great because it gives you renewed confidence when resending work.

3.            Reviews – Asking for them is like asking a rock to kizomba. It’s not easy asking in the first place, but it’s one of those ‘perks’ of the job.

4.            Bad Reviews – They suck, but you get over it. Every man and his dog has an opinion. Life!!           

5.            CriticsWatch out for ‘armchair authors’ who are a lot like ‘armchair politicians.’ Enough said…

6.            Friends & Family – It’s definitely no shoo-in. Do not rely on it, it might break your heart. 😉 If I had a pound for everyone who promised to write a review, I’d be living in the Hollywood Hills with Cher and Snoop. However, that being said, strangers are more inclined to offer support.

7.            Creative writing workshops – Some say they’re no good, but how else can you test your work? You can’t sit in a bubble and say you’re a writer unless it’s for your eyes only. In reality, after much drafting, rewriting, spell checking, proofing etc., you have to get out there, chance your arm to see if it works. Also, workshops provide a good support network.  We’re all in the same boat! 😉

8.         Negativity – You have to stay positive no matter what. Also, you’re always growing as a writer. So you may look at something you wrote — even last year, and think, crikey.

9.         Hats – You have to wear many hats. So you’re a writer and you’ve written a ton of stories. Then what? Well, there’s this thing called marketing. So you get someone to get the ball rolling because you think you can only do the creative part, right? Wrong! Tried it and learnt an expensive lesson. People so eager to exploit to take your money to shop in Lidl’s. So you do it yourself. Baby steps mind you. Start with a blog and plug yourself into a couple of social media outlets. Then you start spinning plates to keep everything going. Initially, I had doubts about ‘coming out’ (with writing) on social media, but when I saw people getting naked, twerking, etc. I thought, might as well give it a go!

10.         Confidence – You must believe in yourself and defend your work at all costs. I have on occasion had people say the strangest things. Can you believe there are people who swear they know what you’re trying to say! Absolutely ludicrous!

It’s all good fun!! 😉

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