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In Ibiza, a couple of teenage grifters rob a self-proclaimed preacher (and crook) only to face his vengeance which includes organ harvesting.

Feature - 120 min

Genre - Thriller/Horror


'A kinetic crime drama, "HONEYDICKERS" is a fast-moving, high-octane script with an individual voice that sets it immediately apart. The exotic location, distinctive dialogue, and eccentric characters all elevate what could be a conventional story of down-and-out thieves into something more unique. As in films like "Trainspotting", the characters speak in their own language, a blend of street slang and verbal tics that makes each of them pop off the page (it also provides a lot of unexpected humor). This is blended with the usual tropes of the crime drama - the crime boss, the tense confrontation between thieves, reversals, and betrayals, and a bloody final shootout. The first act has a strong opening with the energetic chase sequences that drops us right into the heart of the action and the film generally has a fast-paced, highly cinematic energy which rarely lets up.'