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Good afternoon, It’s Quain. Today I’m interviewing published author and screenwriter, Michele Henningham. After a long day at school, she discovered her name listed as a quarter finalist in a renown US screenplay competition!

  1. How did you feel when you found out?

–        Shocked! I had to scroll up and down over my name several times to be sure. 

  1. What is it called?

–        Strawberry Sunset.

  1. Do you mind saying a little bit about it?

–        Well, it was a short story I wrote for a creative writing workshop. It received great feedback. They said it sounded like a film so I decided to adapt it into a screenplay. 

  1. How did you know it would work as a screenplay? Did you take a course?

–        No, I couldn’t afford course fees. I swotted up on the recommended texts, examining good and bad screenplays and movies.

  1. I’ve heard about story arcs and 8 beats etc. Is this something you’re familiar with?

–        Yes, I’ve read about them and understand what they mean, but I don’t work that way. As long as my stories have a beginning, middle and end, I think it does the job. Also, the feedback I’ve received on screenplays suggest that I get this correct.

  1. Does this mean the next stop is Hollywood? 

–        I wish! I mean, it’s a great start and all that, but no, it just means I have to keep at it, improve skills, develop more screenplays and enter contests.

  1. You recommend contests, do you?

–        Yes, some, not all. But it’s the best way to gain exposure and useful notes, in some cases. Don’t take the nos to heart, hang on in there, as you may get that life-changing yes.

  1. What can you tell newbies about screenplay competitions?

–        Some screenplay competitions are just money-makers. A few actually ‘read’ your screenplay and give great notes. All readings are subjective.

  1. How many screenplays have you written so far?

–        I’d say about 7 at the moment. I’m working on a freaky feature as we speak.

  1. In closing, how would you summarise your screenplays?

–        My screenplays are based on my edgy stories and filled with credible characters and dialogue that jumps off the page!

Thank you and I wish you all the very best!!

A few comments from industry professionals:

  1. You have a real flair for character dialogue.
  2. I want to say, right off the bat – I LOVE YOUR STYLE!!!! ;))
  3. ‘Some very vivid characterization and visuals. Dialogue is bloody fantastic. The end point of the story feels proper and fitting as a stand alone plot point. Tons of potential here.’

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